“A Child’s world is fresh and new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement…”

—Rachel Carson


Greetings to all of the wonderful Sense of Wonder Day Camp Parents, Campers and Friends, new and old. We miss you all so much and we hope that you are all happy and healthy.


We are pleased to announce we are operating this summer (on a limited basis) with 4 weeks of summer camp!


Happy Happy New Year and Wishing you all the Best Blessings with Light, Hope, Joy with Lots of Love from  Pam and the Sense of Wonder Staff    



Our mission is to educate young people, through the creative arts, how they can make a difference in the world. Using their own unique talents and skills, we encourage students to embrace diverse cultures, eradicate racism, stand up for human rights, care for the environment and animals, and do local and global community service.



These ideas come together in our year-round creative activities of art, music, puppetry, theater, and film blended with social, environmental, community and cultural awareness. Watch our video of the campers singing “A Random Act of Kindness” – a song written by our campers and instructors, Summer 2004.