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Art Classes will begin the week of November 6th and 13th with Fall, Winter and Spring sessions going through mid June.


We work on the balance between capturing and engaging the student’s interest with improving skills and inspiring creative expression and imagination. One of the ways is by allowing them freedom of choice of subject and project (when possible).


Visiting Artists: There will be visiting artists throughout the year.


Sample List Of Activities:


The lessons will vary according to age level, ability and interest.


Drawing:   The Students will draw scenes from Nature, Animals, People, Still Life, Shapes, Objects, Buildings, Cities, Abstract Designs, Imaginary Creatures etc. They will work on basic and advanced drawing and illustration skills. The students draw from Real Life and their Imagination. They practice drawing lines, curves and angles while they learn to draw what they see instead of what they “think” they see. We work on perspective, dimension, positive and negative space, contour and gesture, shading, light and shadow, hand and eye coordination, and building a vocabulary of images. When possible, the students get to choose their subjects and projects which enhances and inspires their artistic imagination and expression.


Painting:  We use many painting and drawing mediums, Watercolor, Tempera, Acrylic, Water Based Oil Paints, Pastels, Oil Pastels, Watercolor Crayons and Pencils and Colored Pencils etc.  The students learn about color, composition, dimension, shape, balance, movement, rhythm, overlapping, technique etc


Ceramics: The students learn hand building techniques and Potters Wheel skills. Their imaginations are free to explore, discover and shape a wide variety of objects: nature, animals, people, imaginary and whimsical creatures and functional forms.


Sculpture:   We have all kinds of materials for sculpture: Papier Mache’, Plaster Gauze, Clay, Wood, Foam Rubber, Found Objects, Cardboard, Paper and glue guns and craft decorations etc. Mask making and Puppets


Printmaking:  SoWC has an Etching Press and we will use it to create various kinds of intaglio and relief prints according to age level and ability. Monotypes, Stencils, Collagraphs, Linoleum prints, Woodcuts etc.


Library:  SoWC has an extensive library of books on the History of Art, Great Masters, Contemporary Artists, Animals, Nature, Boats, Buildings, Multicultural Art Projects, How to Guides, Reference Photos and lots more.



Art Class Photo Gallery

All photos by Lynn Christoffers




Everyone has creative talent. Each person is a unique, original individual and has inherent potential and ability. In an atmosphere of love and vast amounts of encouragement they feel free to explore, discover and put their ideas into form without comparison or negative critique. This opens the door to uninhibited creativity and new ways of seeing.


Creativity: At the National Conference of Creativity at the University of Michigan, educators agreed that “all children are creative, but it lessens markedly as adulthood approaches.” This discouraging trend can be avoided. We try to show our students how to recognize any belief or mental block that would hinder their inspiration and creative imagination. Lack of freedom, intimidation, peer pressure, or feelings of inadequacy can be challenged and overcome. Children and adults can learn to reject anything that would obstruct the natural flow of abundant ideas.


Ways of Seeing: When drawing, painting, or sculpting from life, we show students how to study an object or scene and observe it carefully. Looking at something for a long time one can always find something new, but looking isn’t really “seeing.” Really seeing something with your heart and soul brings your artist’s lens into the focus of resolution and discernment.


The Process: In a society bombarded with games and entertainment producing instant gratification, accomplishing a simple task is often lost to impatience and frustration. Capturing interest and cultivating new “ways of seeing” brings patience, peace and joy to the creative journey. Cherishing the process leads to greater mastery of skill and this proficiency is fulfilled with an original idea being brought to fruition.

  • love and encouragement
  • safe, comfortable atmosphere
  • exploration and discovery
  • non-competitive
  • creativity
  • ways of seeing
  • enjoying the process