Summer Day Camp




Greetings to all of the wonderful Sense of Wonder Day Camp Parents, Campers and Friends, new and old. We miss you all so much and we hope that you are all happy and healthy.



We are planning 4 weeks of summer camp  in 2022: July 18 – August 12th. 



Details are below!


Happy Happy New Year and Wishing you all the Best Blessings with Light, Hope, Joy.

With Lots of Love from  Pam and the Sense of Wonder Staff      



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The Sense of Wonder Summer Day Camp


The purpose of our program is to nurture the discovery and appreciation of our beautiful world ~ environmental and ethnic diversity ~ to become closer to it and learn how to love and care for it. To appreciate the very small wonders as well as the enormous ones and to realize how one person can make a difference. We blend all the ideas together in our daily creative activities of art, music, nature, community and cultural awareness.


Our Camp Staff 2021:

Pam Benjamin:
Director & Instructor
Artist, art teacher, dancer, sailor, mother, environmentalist, humanitarian, mentor

Five Adult Instructors: TBA
Leaders in Training:
Leader in Training Application download here.



Summer Camp 2021 Information:

  • One or more weekly sessions.
  • July 19th to August 9th
  • Ages 7–12.
  • Monday–Friday; 9–1 pm
  •  $320 per week


Summer Camp 2021 Application:



Financial Aid and Scholarships are available.


The Sense of Wonder Day Camp Schedule 2021

Our 31st Anniversary Year


Explanation: Dear Parents and Friends,  We will be drawing, painting, making sculptures and mixed media and whatever other art medium interests the campers each week in addition to all the weekly themes and projects mentioned in this Program Schedule. If a camper requests something special, we are always willing to consider it and make it possible. Please let us hear about what your children love to create.  


July 19th:
Ocean Life, Film Making, Wire Sculpture, Children’s Book Author and Photographer Jacob Kramer:


Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth will join us this week to show excerpts of their new film (a work in progress) about the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. “Follow the Journey (working title)” is a feature-length documentary currently in production that chronicles endangered North Atlantic right whales on their epic journey from their calving grounds off the coast of Georgia and Florida to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada, woven with the stories of researchers, rescuers, artists and advocates who illuminate the state of these mysterious behemoths existence and uncover challenges that face the species along the way. 
Their Film Company, “Film Truth Productions”  focuses on environmental consciousness and sustainability. They have created some beautiful films about various worthy topics. One of their recent stunning films is about the moving of the Aquinnah Lighthouse called “Keepers of the Light.” 
Jacob Kramer, the highly talented photographer, and children’s book author will come in to talk about his awesome new book for children called “Noodlephant” about how Elephants learn how to find justice by changing unfair laws in their town that is run by Kangaroos.
Steve Lohman, the well-known, multi-talented, award-winning, wire sculptor, will come in to help the campers and counselors create a Large Papier Mache’ North Atlantic Right Whale out of chicken wire, papier-mache’ and paint. Steve will lead a workshop in making wire sculpture ocean creatures and designs. We hope to raise awareness of the plight of the critically endangered whale to help ensure that this incredibly beautiful and majestic animal will continue to flourish and expand its numbers. The campers will be able to collect and observe ocean creatures at our beach every day after lunch. The kids will have the chance to construct sail and motorboats and sculpture out of wood. They will also get to put together a play and a song and write poetry and a story this week if they choose. 
Please come to our end of week Film, Performance, Speakers and Art Show. Parents, Relatives, Friends and Community are all welcome on Friday at noon.


July 26:
Puppetry with Dan Butterworth:


Back by popular demand, Dan Butterworth the world famous, award winning Master Puppeteer, will be joining us again this summer. The campers will be able to create many different kinds of puppets this week, from two-dimensional shadow and sock puppets, to head, mouth and arm manipulated puppets. Dan will bring in an abundance of different fabrics, felt materials, yarn, buttons, beads and all kinds of exciting decorations, paint and glue for the children to fabricate a puppet from their own imaginations. They are encouraged to construct their own original, unique design, not something from an animated feature, cartoon or video game. They will also (if they choose) get to write their own puppet shows and fabricate their own props and scenery. We will continue to work in our organic garden and explore the ocean and its creatures during our beach and swim time.
On Friday at noon we will have a Puppetry Extravaganza of unique and original puppet shows created and written by the campers and counselors. All the parents, relatives, friends and the community are invited. Dan Butterworth will also do a short demonstration and performance of his extraordinary hand-carved wooden and Shadow Puppets. Please Join us on Friday at noon for this amazing event.


August 2nd:
Wilderness Awareness, Fossils and Dinosaurs, Wild Animals, Native American Culture:


This week we will focus on the environment and learn how to be more observant and feel closer to our natural surroundings.
Luanne Johnson of Biodiversity Works will join us to show a photo montage and talk about their work studying the wild animals of Martha’s Vineyard: Long-Eared Bats, Coastal River Otters, Black Racer Snakes, Bird Counts and more. Luanne says: “I founded BiodiversityWorks in 2011 because I saw a need for a conservation organization focused specifically on wildlife monitoring and research across the entire island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Duncan Caldwell the globally recognized prehistoric archeologist and published author will come in with some of his incredible, outstanding museum-quality collection of exciting fossils and dinosaur bones from around the world to talk to the campers.


Jannette Vanderhoop  “Jannette Vanderhoop, the Artist and young adult Book Author, is from the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe on Martha’s Vineyard. She is a serious, accomplished and prolific artist. Her modus operandi is to “educate people to respect nature through art” and so, she produces her work as a form of environmental expression.” Jannette will join us this week to share her knowledge about our local Wampanoag Native American culture and traditions and talk about her book for young people called “Cranberry Day”.  Projects: We will explore and discover nature in the forest and ocean collecting objects and beach treasures to create a collage, mosaic or sculpture. We will do some fun exercises and games to help us get closer to nature. The campers will get to fabricate Wild Animals and Creatures out of all kinds of mediums: clay, papier-mache’, plaster gauze, cardboard, paper, pencils, paint and feathers, and other fun decorations, etc. They will also be able to write a song or do a play if they choose.  Please come to our end of week Speakers, Performance and Art Show. Parents, Relatives, Friends, and Community are all welcome on Friday at noon.


August 9th:
African and Haitian Culture, Music, Dance, Drumming, Creative Arts and Our 31st Anniversary Celebration!!!:


Wallace Bullock, the highly talented Actor, Author, Professor and beloved island resident, will come in this week to talk about and act out the speeches, poetry and writings of well-known African American


Theresa Thomason:  We are Super Excited to tell you that we have a very very special guest Artist visiting us this week, Theresa Thomason, the world famous singer, who now performs with Paul Winter at his annual Solstice performance at the Church of Saint John the Divine and other venues. Check out her astounding accomplishments here.

* * Back by popular demand, African dance with the outstanding choreographer, dancer, musician and singer, Godfrey Muwulya from Uganda Godfrey Muwulya, Master Teacher and performing Artist, began training as a dancer and musician in his native country of Uganda at the age of 5. He was featured in the New York Times and on Martha’s Vineyard through the Yard. He has collaborated with the NYU January study abroad program, and has performed at NYU at the Loewe Theater, Skirball Center, and Radio City Music Hall. He has taught in numerous K-12 schools in NYC in collaboration with NYU Dance Education alumni and also Elementary Schools around Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard.

Rick Bausman, the Master Drummer and musician, has visited Haiti numerous times and will teach an African and Haitian Music and Drum workshop using traditional Rhythms that he learned from Master Haitian Drummers. We are very blessed again to have Tobey La Roche, our beloved former camp counselor and multitalented Singer Songwriter and Musician with us all summer. Projects: The campers will get to do art projects from Africa and Haiti, plus painting and ceramics and the potter’s wheel. We will be dancing, drumming, playing different instruments, singing all by choice. This week is still a work in progress and we will have more Special Guests for our 31st Anniversary Celebration.

We will have an Art Show, Musical Performances, Drumming, Speakers, our 31st Year Celebration and our last day of camp for the summer!!! We will be aware of the CDC guidelines and play it by ear related to what kind of a celebration we will be having. We might wait till 2022…. we shall see, but in the meantime this week will be super fun for the campers. 









Sense of Wonder Creations Live 2010 CD

Our Sense of Wonder Creations Live 2010 CD is available now at the CD Baby music website. Amazing socially and environmentally conscious songs written and sung by our summer campers and counselors. All the income will be donated to humanitarian and environmental organizations.


Download individual songs or buy the CD Sense of Wonder Creations Live 2010


Summer Camp Photo Gallery!

All photos by Lynn Christoffers





The Power of One

One song can spark a moment
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest
One bird can herald spring

One smile begins a friendship
One handclasp lifts a soul
One star can guide a ship at sea
One word can frame the goal

One vote can change a nation
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness
One laugh will conquer gloom

One step must start each journey
One word must start each prayer
One hope will raise our spirits
One touch can show you care

One voice can speak with wisdom
One heart can know what’s true
One life can make the difference
You see, it’s up to you!!

Ashish Ram
(Author Unknown)

I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
and because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do something I can do.

We don’t need more money,
we don’t need greater success or fame,
We don’t need the perfect body or even the perfect mate.

Right now, at this very moment, we have a mind,
which is all the basic equipment we need to help the world

Be a better place.